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Poisonous Affairs: Was the King Promiscuous? Beauty Unlocked the podcast

Welcome, my loves!I'm taking you back to 17th-century France. It's all about King Louis XIV in this episode. He was king for 72 years, the longest reign in the history of France. You're probably asking yourself, "what did he get up to in all those years?" Let's say that the Sun King had an eye for the ladies. He fathered over ten children with his many mistresses, had a brief affair with his sister-in-law, and secretly married his last mistress after his wife, who happened to be his cousin on both sides, Maria Theresa of Spain, died. I know that's quite a lot of bedroom activity! In our first February special episode, let's look at some key players in the Sun King's love life.Are You Ready? Listener Discretion is Advised*************Featured Promo from OctoberpodFollow them on Instagram: @octoberpodvhsSubscribe on YouTube: @OctoberpodHomeVideoand check them out on***********Follow us across social media:*****Sound Effects & Music:audiohero.comEpidemic SoundThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable –
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